Make Your WordPress Booking Sites Better With 6 Booking Calendar Plugins

It is certain that benefits and multi-functions of WordPress have increasingly advanced many people’s favor of doing business online. The online world has become a useful and time-saving place for any transactions made between the webmasters and web-users. For those who are taking on the responsibility of managing and allocating resources, the Booking Calendar Plugins are such essential plugins for WordPress booking owner. WordPress Booking Calendar Plugins not only helps web-owners manage their services, provide availability of properties but also helps users choose the suitable dates as they wish as well as to avoid double bookings with other users.

Select and Download Booking Calendar Plugins

Let explore these 6 Booking Calendars Plugins with theirs basic features which can be your great companion.

#1 WB Ical

Developed by the ShineTheme, WB Ical is one of the most crucial factors that guide you to the shortest path of building and effective booking system with WordPress. In order to show visitors of your properties such as houses for rent or hotel rooms, you should note WB Ical on top of your booking calendar list. Many key features included in this plugin such as simple user-friendly interface, one-calendar create, availability display and many other interesting functions to explore in extension-pricing packages. WB Ical also allows you to synchronize data from Ical calendar which is very convenient and time-saving.

#2 BirchPress Scheduler

You would be absolutely impressed by the comprehensive appearance of this premium WordPress booking plugin. BirchPress serves as a customizable booking form that is very developer friendly. Besides, it also works with what you have scheduled before with Google calendar, iPhone or Android calendar as well by its Calendar Sync function. Once an appointment is booked, rescheduled or even canceled, you will get email notifications not to mention another great function of this plugin is to accept online payment.

#3 WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar is a handy tool in your toolbox of bringing your visitors the greatest experience ever when trying to book properties for their holidays. This plugin is easy to install and update. The free version can nearly meet your satisfaction with basic features such as a user-friendly interface and a language transition option using PO files. While the free version allows you to create only one calendar to experience the plugin, the premium one offers unlimited number of calendars created and one-click edit of multiple dates of your calendar. You can also import Airbnb and many VR sites to your calendars and adjust the calendar with various responsive themes. At last, WP Simple Booking Calendar becomes a smart widget that can be installed or executed from your device to best serve your purpose.

#4 Booking Calendar

With the number of active installations of over 50,000, Booking Calendar is among one of the most famous plugins that help you do the online business easier. It enables a wonderful booking system embedded in your page so that you can receive bookings from visitors. Besides, you can absolutely configure the booking form and manage all bookings as well. One thing that makes this plugin different from others is its availability comes in multiple versions to serve any type of customers. If the personal version is built to help manage your bookings, the business small version, medium version as well as the large one with additional features will complete your business. Online payment acceptance, over day change or auto cancellation and approval will be integrated into business version. Many crucial and wise features are waiting for you to build up a one-of-a-kind business.

#5 Advanced Booking Calendar

In the list of WordPress plugin, Advanced Booking Calendar is such a prominent candidate for a perfect advanced booking plugin. Allowing you to integrate a professional appointment booking on your page, Advanced Booking Calendar helps you to increase the occupancy rate and your competitiveness in the accommodation service. This plugin can create calendars for up to 15 rooms and the calendars are very responsive and easy to manage. Bookings will generate emails to inform hoteliers whether the reservation is confirmed or cancelled. Advanced Booking Calendar is such a great product help to analyse data collected from visitors to identify high seasons and best pricings for your hotel. What an amazing plugin!

#6 Easy Appointment

As it sounds, Easy Appointment is such an easy plugin to use for website owners even if they are not professional developers. You can create calendars for multiple locations, services or workers. In addition with email notifications feature, this plugin allows you to custom specific fields in the forms such as “select”, “input” and “drag and drop order”. The smart interface with a single column or even two-column responsive bootstrap layout attract visitors to your site and they will note this place down every time they get on their trips.

Setup Booking Calendars Plugin

In order to install these plugins on your website, please remember to follow these steps below:

1. Go to Dashboard, then click Plugins.
2.Then go to “Add new”, you should quickly search for the plugin you intend to install. For instance, I would like to use Booking Calendar plugin for my website, I would type “Easy Appointment” in the search plugins bar to the right corner.
3. Simply press “Install now” to have your plugin installed.
4. The new menu item called “Easy Appointment” will show up at the left column.

Configure and Customize Your Booking Calendar Plugin

Most of the plugins have provided you with the basic tool selling services on your website, some plugins still offer you the chance to configure and customize them to become the most attractive and usable ones.

#1 WB Ical


WB Ical is an easy plugin to use for both web-users and web-masters. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the naming rules. There are two parts of naming rules which are “Accommodation” and “Tour”.

1. Accommodation
– {price}: (float)
– {status}: (string) available or unavailable
2. Tour
– {adult_price}: (float)
– {child_price}: (float)
– {infant_price}: (float)
– {status}: (string) available or unavailable


#2 BirchPress

BirchPress seems to take it easy and slow from the first steps. At first, users only need to add location, service and staff with information such as “work schedule” and “days off” section and etc. The second step is to add a booking form into a page by adding the shortcode [bp-scheduler-bookingform] where you wish the booking form to appear. Thus, basic steps are completed and you have your simple booking calendar. If you want to distinguish your booking form from others, BirchPress has this feature to but it is only supported in Business and Business+ editions.  You can design a whole new booking form with “Form Builder” tab and fill two areas of Appointment info and Customer info. However, in order to support your online business, BirchPress have some other features help integrate online payment, calendar sync or auto updates receive in a premium version of your plugin as well.

#3 WP Simple Booking Calendar

With WP Simple Booking Calendar, you can choose the premium package to create unlimited calendars. However, when you start with the first calendar, it is important to follow these steps. Firstly, you should create a new calendar with the title and availability of dates. You can also edit the legend items with different colours and type of visibility. Secondly, editing the page where the booking form shows up is also a crucial step in creating a perfect booking page for your visitors. Lastly, you can use the short-code [sbc title=”yes”] or [sbc title=”no”] to embed the calendar on any page you want.

#4 Booking Calendar

The developers of Booking Calendar have carefully thought of their customers when providing such a detailed instruction integrated on the plugin. You are able to add new booking or form your post/page or the Admin panel. Then, calendar overview is shown to tell you dates which have been reserved in your calendar. The last part in the Booking tab is the “Settings” which enables you to modify the default setting of the plugin. Creating and customizing your own booking form is not as hard and impossible as before. For webmasters, integration of payment gateway or other advanced function such as opening booking form in popup window requires more complex steps. Adding new codes and hooks may possible as the fact is that there is currently no full API for using this plugin with other plugins or services.

#5 Advanced Booking Calendar

After installing and activating the plugin in your WordPress, you can see five contents in the left column of the screen which are “Bookings, Seasons & Calendars, Extras, Analytics, Settings”. First, all you need is to create a calendar with necessary information of rooms and seasons in the Seasons and Calendars tab. Next, you can choose the price format, currency, email settings, payment settings and so on in the “Settings” tab.  Last, four different short-codes are recommended to use for each page separately to complete your website. It is convenient that Advanced Booking Calendar also allows you to use an availability check widget.

#6 Easy Appointment

Supposed that you are doing a renting service, you need to define the location of your property with “name”, “address”. In the service tab, you need to click “Add new service” and fill in the blanks with your service description. After that, you should specify who workers are to make the link between your service, workers and the time slots. In the “Customize” field, you can adjust settings for email notifications, time format or even currency. If you wish that your plugin can attract more visitors, you can link Easy Appointment with other plugin supports such as Loco Translate to make your website come into many languages. Even Google Calendar, iCalendar and PayPal are suggested to use with this plugin as well. Finally, when you want to place a widget on your page, you can use short-code to insert front-end part of the plugin.

Wrapping Up

I hope the overview of these top 6 Booking Calendar Plugins will help you easily imagine how these plugins can be installed and customized to bring your customers greatest experience when booking rooms or any accommodation for their trips as well as to smartly display the availability of properties on your fabulous website!

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