How to Create an Availability Calendar with ICalendar Synchronization?

Do you have a booking website and need an availability calendar? This is one of the most important element to keep your customer’s attention!

Today I will guide you to create and embed availability calendars on your website with just a few clicks with ICalender. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge!

When you own a booking website, an availability calendar is a must-have. With WBICal, you can create, edit and publish one or more availability calendars on your website, and you can do all of this with only a few clicks. Forget about FTP, CSS, or databases. We’ll make sure it’s working!

How Can WBIcal Help You?

Show the availability of your holiday home by just importing a WB Ical. Is your holiday home listed on Airbnb, any other site or are you using Google Calendar? Use this calendar plugin to show the availability of your WordPress website. Add the WB Ical feed, sit back and relax!

Important Features

  • Create one calendar
  • Import one iCal feed
  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • Displays the availability
  • Create an unlimited number of calendars
  • Import multiple iCal feeds into one calendar
  • Display multiple months
  • Display a legend near the calendar
  • Create your own legend (apply your own colors and languages)
  • Change the first day of the week
  • Change the start month/year
  • Hide booking history on front-end
  • Show the week’s number (from 1 to 52)
  • Professional support

How to use ICalendar Synchronization?

Just watch this video to know how to use WBIcal with your website:

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