Weekend Updates: New Shortcodes Added to Wpbooking 1.9

I am very pleased to announce that our WPBooking plugin has been updated with a comprehensive collection of shortcodes. We have put a lot of work into creating great new shortcodes to the collection as per your requests and I also hope that everyone puts them to good use!

Tour Shortcodes

We have created a few different fields that can be applied to any list you make. Create shortcode


      + Options:

+  Service type: This shortcode will help you to show your service types such as tour or hotel. Enter parameter value: tour, accommodation.

[wpbooking_list_services service_type = ""]

      + Number per page: Number per page shortcode gives you the way to displays the number of services with easy.

Add a number parameter to the shortcode:

[wpbooking_list_services number_per_page = ""].

      + Orderby: This shortcode supports you to order by ID, date, title, rate, ASC, DESC:

[wpbooking_list_services order = "" orderby = "ID"]

      + Layout: Display as grid, list. Enter parameter value: list, grid:

[wpbooking_list_services layout = ""]

For default grid:

[wpbooking_list_services layout = "grid"]


This shortcode will help you to play service by location. Example: location_id = “111,110”

  + service_id: Select the article ID to display. Eg: id = “201,202”

  + post_per_row: show number of services per line (number of columns per line)

[wpbooking_list_services post_per_row = "3"]

  + layout: grid and list. You can refer to layout from the themes you made.

  + Item: Each item will have image, title, price, address, rating …

Full shortcode:

[wpbooking_list_services location_id = "10.11" post_per_row = "2" service_id = "10" service_type = "tour" layout = "grid" order = "DESC" orderby = "date" number_per_page = "6"]

WPBooking List Room

Create shortcode [wpbooking_list_room]

 + options: Same as tour

 + Item: Each item will have image, title, price, room size,

Shortcode for The Search Form

  Create shortcode [wpbooking_search_form id = “”]

    + Create shortcode when users drag widget to sidebar. Each widget will have a shortcode. The user will copy that short code.

    + Fields will be taken from widgets added by users

Detailed Description Shortcode

  • Display all services, display list or grid
  • Tour: show service type is “tour”.
[wpbooking_list_services service_type = "tour"]
  •   Accommodation: Show service type is “accommodation”
[wpbooking_list_services service_type = "accommodation"]
  • [wpbooking_list_services layout = “”]

  + Grid: Show grid service

[wpbooking_list_services layout = "grid"]

  + List: Display list service

[wpbooking_list_services layout = "list"]

  + Slide: Show slide service
[wpbooking_list_services layout = “slide”]

  • [wpbooking_list_services order = “” orderby = “”]

 + orderby: sort the articles by ID, title, name, date, rate (default is date).

[wpbooking_list_services orderby = "ID"]

 + order: Order in ascending or descending order, default is DESC with two parameters (DESC, ASC)

[wpbooking_list_services number_per_page = ""]

  + number_per_page: Choose number

Final Thought

The new shortcode is available today, so please try it today. Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back next week for even greater WPBooking features coming your way.

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