Smart Combo: the Effective WP Booking System Into Your Websites

Some people said, “Time is the most valuable treasure on earth”. Is that true? When you have time, you can almost acquire everything as desired and prepare for the future plan. That is why you need to seize the moment as the loss of time is crucial to a person and he or she can never get back to the past they have lost. Therefore, people nowadays may value their time as well as you are. Getting a booking system for the website costs you less than the actual benefit you can have. A smart and effective booking system allows you to prepare your service of the best quality, provide customers with flexible choices and your customers will have their time well managed too.

In addition to basic functions of an online website such as providing products and services, supporting online payment as well as featuring blog and promotion, online booking is such a prominent feature that can increase your sales revenue and take your business into a higher level with the help of technology. In this article, I would like to give you – the business owners – a comprehensive look of how the effective WP Booking System can be compatible with any kind of booking sites.

What is the Effective WP Booking System?

Generally, WP Booking System is just a simple booking system for your website. It is developed on the base of WordPress. With this effective WP Booking System, website owners can start receiving bookings from their customers and take care of their businesses in the smartest way. As the aim of each business is to maximize the revenue as well as minimize the cost, the tendency is shifting from telephone bookings to online bookings. Thus, it is essential to understand exactly the benefits brought back by an effective WP Booking System.

Why Should WP Booking System be Blended into Booking Websites?

First of all, nearly every type of business needs this effective WP Booking System. Even though you are running any of the hospitality industry such as hotels, accommodations, restaurants or travel and tourism sectors, it is much more convenient to use WP Booking System as an assistant. Second, the more customers book your service online, the more free time you will earn to take care of other business. Thus, you can take time to provide deep care for customers retention and create your business value.

Besides, adjusting your staff’s calendar is not something so complex as it always was. In order to understand why creating an online booking system is such a solid investment, the third reason can explain this. Online booking can secure your business as you can to charge customers on any cancellation or no-show fees prior to a specific number of days before the booked time in the calendar. Therefore, you won’t miss any business opportunity as everything is arranged in a logical order.

What are the Components of a Smart Combo?

The combination of two or more factors that work well with each other to have superior functions is a perfect combo. All you need is to have your online website providing services and an effective WP Booking system.

The Free Version of the Effective WP Booking System

Assuming that you have already run a business with an online website, I would get in details of what features of WP Booking System are. For the reason that WP Booking System helps you to receive bookings from customers, this plugin has been optimized by its developers with a Free and a Premium version. With the free version, business owners can create their own booking system with a basic booking calendar and booking form of provided services. In addition, they can also save extra booking information such as customers’ special requirements. Saving time for customers to look for “Booking” tab, the effective WP Booking System has a shortcode generated to embed the booking calendar and form into any page or post. Wp Booking System widget and multiple languages are also supported as well.

The Premium Version of the Effective WP Booking System

For the advanced users, the Premium version with extra features is worth consideration. If you own a lot of properties for rent, you can create an unlimited number of booking calendars and forms. You can also create your legend with selected colors and text. The first day of the week, as well as the start month and year, can also be adjusted. Editing multiple dates with just one click and displaying tooltips with extra info cost you just a few minutes too.

Moreover, the plugin will automatically block booked days directly so that two people can’t book for the same staying period. Sometimes, you may have troubles with manually importing data, this version of effective WP Booking System have syncing function. Therefore, you can sync it to other websites like iCalendar. For only $34, the Premium package comes with professional support, the money-back guarantee and no registration requirement. Why don’t you download it just right away?

How Should the Combo be Blended?

Supposed that you have already run your business, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the WP Booking System Demo Download
  2. Go to Plugins, Add New and Upload to upload the zip file and install the plugin.
  3. Then, activate the plugin.
  4. Start to create a calendar.
    • Choose “Add New Calendar”
    • Label the calendar depending on your service
    • Click “Save Changes”
  5. Manage booking availability
    • Decide which days are available and which are booked
    • Save some booking details for each day
    • Edit calendar legends with colors, ordering and visibility or add more legends
    • Remember to “Save Changes”
  6. Create a booking form
    • Click ”Forms”, then “Add new” to add various fields such as Name, Email or Comment
    • Label the form with Name field by editing the form title and select the field type
    • Click “Form setting” field to choose how customers receive booking forms
    • Choose “Submit Button” to edit the label.
    • Click “Save Changes”
  7. Ready to publish the calendar.
  8. The combination of your online website with the WP Booking System is complete to start to receive bookings from visitors.

Recommended WP Booking Plugin

Besides the WP Booking System I have introduced you so far, I would like to recommend WP Booking to build your booking system with WordPress as well. This plugin has a lot of equivalent features as the effective WP Booking System. However, this product can amaze you with the integration of the booking report. There is a booking report in charts with net profit and total earning for specific periods. Particularly, you can record the booking status  and summary info in a smart table provided by the plugin. Next, WP Booking offers the most common payment service from PayPal, PayPal Pro, 2Checkout, and so on. With over 11,000 downloads and a 5-star rating, WP Booking has created its signature and remains the perfect choice of many hotel group owners.

Demo Download

The Bottom Line

Saving your time as well as customers’ would make your business operate smoothly and the revenue can skyrocket. There is no doubt that owners can build their business credibility as customers have the excellent experience with the booking system. Hence, the perfect combo of any booking site with this effective WP Booking system would be all you need for success.

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