Weekend Updates: All of Our Themes Are Now Compatible with Booking.com Affiliate & Automatic Update

Thanks to the fantastic effort from our production team, today I am happy to announce that all of our themes have been updated to Booking.com Affiliate compatibility. And from now on, say goodbye manual theme updates, just say hello to new auto-update feature!

1. Compatible with Booking.com Affiliate

When customers purchase the Booking.com addon, it allows creating a search form of booking.com in the ST Search Form element. This allows you to insert easily in your WordPress site the search boxes and inspiring search boxes that you have already created in your Booking.com Affiliate account. With more than 1.5 million hotel listings worldwide, your customers should have no problem finding a wonderful hotel for them.

And for those customers who are looking to simply configure what you want the search box to look like and generate traffic to your booking.com affiliate pages, you will be excited to find that our themes now work flawlessly with the plugin:

2. Automatic Update: You Can Make The Automatic Update on Site Now

At the time, that was huge news that our developer team has added an update notification system in the dashboard that informed users of when an update was ready. When new versions of our themes become available, update notifications will appear in your theme. It is important to always keep your themes updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, to keep your website secure, and to take advantage of the latest and greatest features!

Only members with active WPBooking accounts have access to the latest versions of our products. Once you have authenticated your account, you just need to add the license key in the Theme License page to automatically update your theme:

It’s because plugins and themes are not known for being inherently secure. All WordPress users should be super diligent about keeping everything–the core, plugins, and themes–up to date. That’s the reason why our team decided to use all the lasted add-ons and core plugins for WPBooking’s themes. That means you do not need to worry about the default plugins used in our themes because they would be the most recent version!

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