Weekend Updates: What’s New In WPBooking 1.8.1?

As you may know, we have been working hard on our weekend updates project. And today, you will be excited to hear WPBooking introduces new updates, as well as the bug fix and new hook, making it the most stable and feature-rich version of WPBooking yet!

1. Accommodation Updated

Extra price (fixed / per night) is calculated by item. It’s now easier for your customers to choose the extra services and easier for administrators to manage data with more details:

2. [Bug Fix] Get Min/Max Price for The Tour:

Price filter helps filter products by price range. Automatically retrieve the smallest price and highest price available on the website. If min price = max price, so put min price = 0 to avoid the icon range of the min filter is coincided with the max filter. 

3. New Hook – Allow Changing The Name of The Path

From now on, you can change the slug name of the service the way you want: apply_filters (‘wpbooking_service_slug’, $ slug)

For example:

Default: localhost / service / hotel-name

Change: localhost / hotel / hotel-name

We hope that the above updates and improvements will help you get more pleasant with WPBooking.

As you might know, we’ve made continuous efforts to improve our plugin so far. So if the next time you discover something that needs improving or has any recommendations, don’t hesitate to whisper in our ears. And please stay tuned for next updates!

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