[Weekend Updates] WPBooking 1.8.3: Form Builder, Checkout Form & Amadeus Updates

Howdy WPBooking user!

Are you waiting for the next updates? Yeah! Today I’m very excited about the new updates for WPBooking. Let’s get started!

1. [WPBooking Plugin Update: Choose Suitable Form for Each Service]

With WPBooking 1.8.3, you’ve completely chosen the form builder for each service. In the last version, the form builder is applied to all of the services on our site. That’s really inconvenient because I know that depends on each service, you will need different information. That’s the reason why we have updated the form builder to help you choose the form for each service to create separate fields.

2. Amadeus Updates: Help You to Calculate Needed Statistics for Your Business

Currently, Amadeus has changed the affiliate URL from api.sanbox to api.connect that will help you to perform your website statistics with friendly dashboard. Customers should contact Amadeus to have their account available at api.connect. Then visit the client to get the API key and enter in the Amadeus settings.

Please take a look at this video to know how to integrate Amadeus affiliate:

3. You Can Completely Add Other Fields for Personal Information for Each Traveler in the Checkout Page:

Last week, we have received a question from our user: “In the page of checkout, if there are more travelers (children, adults), is it possible to add other fields for personal information for each traveler?” We thought a lot about this thing and now the answer is “Yes!”

Thanks to our developer team, this feature has been released as expectation! In the form of checkout, if there is information on the number of guests, the number of people so you need a field to enter information about the name, age for those customers. And from now on, you can do it with WPBooking!

For example, there’re two people so you can list two fields to enter the name and age:

These are part of improvements that we keep making on the core of WPBooking, to make sure it keeps getting better and better. If you like the new updates, send us a short shout-out in the comments, or let us know if you have any requirement! And don’t forget to stay tuned to get new updates next week!

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