WPBooking Weekly Updates: Version 1.9.9

Hey there! We’re wondering whether you’re curious about what the new version of WP Booking has this week.

Well, no more time is wasted. The list below includes the updates of the plugin of which we’re so thrilled to inform you.

[Update] Fix Price by People for Tour

To date, WP Booking has provided users with 2 types of tour pricing, per person (the price is set based on 3 levels: Adult, Child, Infant) and per unit (the price is set for the whole tour). In the update of this week, the third type has been added. Now you can set prices for your tours based on the total number of people who join your tours. To be clear, let’s take an example. If a tour has a price of $100 and there are 3 people joining in the tour, so the price will be $300.

Social Login

It seems to be no fun at all if your site visitors are frequently asked to fill in a list of fields when they want to register or sign in on your site. Obviously, this might be the most boring task ever and you may lose a host of visitors just because of that. We, also as a site visitor, used to fall into the same situation. What we did at that time was to quit halfway or to drop out of the site.

Social Login is the newly integrated solution to the issue. WP Booking version 1.9.9 now allows visitors to sign up or sign in using their Facebook accounts. Undoubtedly, this is going to make the registration and login process much smoother and more time-saving.

In the upcoming updates, we plan to add other social networks like Twitter, Google. To start using the add-on on your site, take some simple steps as follows.

Step 1: Create app and install: https://developers.facebook.com/apps

Step 2: Enter the current URL of your website into “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs

Step 3: Get App ID information and place it in Settings section (Admin Dashboard)

Learn more about WP Social Login

Check Bulk Edit Inventory

You might get riled up with the Bulk Edit error sometimes and we’re so sorry for that. Luckily, this week, we have invested time in fixing the error. Now it can work properly, so you can set prices for inventory as usual.

Availability Form – Accommodation Auto Search.

WP Booking version 1.9.9 also witnesses some improvements in Accommodation Search Form. Previously, visitors must choose check-in and check-out days, then click “Check Availability” to carry out the search. However, everything changes now. The auto search feature has been added. In other words, accommodations will be automatically searched as of the current date.

Final Thought

We hope you’re satisfied with the new updates of this week. If you have any recommendations for the future updates, don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving some comments below.

See you next week!

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