Allows you create coupon codes that applied for one or many services. This coupon code can apply for one day or many days, each coupon can setup for a limited number of uses, limit used number of customers.

A coupon code include informations below:

  • Coupon Code: It include with character (A-Z) and numberic (0-9) and the long is from 8 to 15 characters.
  • Services Type:
    •  Apply for all services: This coupon code is used for all services actived on the system.
    • Service types: Choise one or many services that this coupon is applied.
    • Custom: Choise for each items ( one or many items at the same time).
  • Values:
    • Charge percent (%) of order.
    • Charge with a fixed value.
  • Coupon Start/End Date: This is period of time that apply for this coupon code. Applied for many day or in day with start time and end time. If you do not input that means this coupon code not limited.
  • Minimum order value:  Min money for this coupon applied. If you do not input that means not limited.
  • Usage limit: Limit the number of uses this coupon of each user. If you do not input that means not limited.
  • Status: Status of coupon. Test

You can be configured in the dashboard WPbooking > Form Builder.

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