It seems to be no fun at all if your site visitors are frequently asked to fill in a list of fields when they want to register or sign in on your site. Obviously, this might be the most boring task ever and you may lose a host of visitors just because of that. We, also as a site visitor, used to fall into the same situation. What we did at that time was to quit halfway or to drop out of the site.

Social login is the newly integrated solution to the issue. This add-on allows visitors to sign up or sign in using their Facebook accounts. Undoubtedly, this is going to make the registration and login process much smoother and more time-saving.

In the upcoming updates, we plan to add other social networks like Twitter, Google.

You can install the add-on by following the below steps:
1. Go to: and create a Facebook app.

Fill in the “Display Name” and “Contact Email“. Then click on “Create App ID“.

2. In the “Add a Product” page, select “Set Up” in the bottom right corner of the “Facebook Login” section.

Select the “Web” platform.

Enter the URL of the current website and click “Save“.

3. Switch to the “Settings” menu and enter “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs“, enter the URL of the login page. If the “Enforce HTTPS” option is enabled, the url must be https://

4. Copy the AppID and install it in the option.

And the result is as shown below:

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